Bicycling on Sanibel Island

Excursions by bicycle

The Sanibel Island is very biker friendly.
25 miles bike paths from the one end of the island to the other offers.
The island Captiva (has no official cycle paths)
While most cycling paths parallel to the two main roads, it is worth exploring by bike the island.
Because there are areas that can not be reached by car.
These areas provide a more intense feeling for nature and you can admire the flora and fauna of the island. On Sanibel's main street you will find several bike rental stations such as

Billy's Rentals (1470 Periwinkle Way) and Finnimore's Cycle Shop (2353 Periwinkle Way in BeachShop Winds). Bicycles can be hourly, daily or weekly rent.
Simple Bicycles and accessories there for hire at the following prices:
$ 5.00 for 2 hours, and $ 15.00 for a day, 2 day amounted to 20.00 Dollar 1 week 40.00 dollars.
The bicycle rental Finnimore is a little cheaper.
For bike tours here are two tips:
1) Rabbit Road: This tour takes you to a parallel of freshwater canals on the island. As the name suggests, you can see the early morning on this plug the gray island rabbit. But be careful! Alligators and the rare Bobcat have in this area home.
2.) Wildlife Drive: Can you explore by car or bicycle. The tour route of the "Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge Park" is four miles long. Along the route there are numerous opportunities to stop and explore the park a piece far on additional trails on foot. Flora and fauna, you can get to know better. The park has a bird observation tower. From there, the various species of birds can be observed particularly intense. A little tip: on the tour through the Wild Life Nature Park do not forget the bug spray!
As I said, exploring the island by bike is an easy way. Whether small or big tours, the length and the paths can vary depending on your mood. The cyclist is king here and has before driving priority. Disregard even fines can threaten.